Available March 12th, 2024!

    The names Sögman and Vathos cling to Dryden’s mind like burs. They remind him of his family lying lifeless in their own blood, the smell of fire ravaging his hometown, and how the gem-like scars on his hands brought all this upon him.

    Though the two armies led by Sögman and Vathos came looking for Dryden, neither side managed to catch him. A mysterious swordsman named Talent stole him away, and together they plan to sneak undetected to a clan of mystics in the north where they can learn what Dryden’s scars are, and why they are worth the lives of so many.

    But to reach the mystics, Dryden has to trust Talent, a man keen on secrets and adept at dragging them both into trouble, all while the threat of Sögman and Vathos looms ever-present. In a world full of monsters, violent guilds, and evil spirits, Dryden must stay alive long enough to find answers and to stop Sögman and Vathos from spreading more death.


    So begins Silver Rain, an epic fantasy chronicling a young man’s journey for truth, peace, and revenge.